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Impacts from a pipeline rupture would accelerate rapidly due to bottle-necking of vessel traffic, tight coupling and resource dependency along a capital-intensive value chain, lack of readily available capital substitutes, sensitivity of this manufacturing supply chain to missing parts (for example, cars cannot be sold with incomplete brake systems), compounding secondary economic roulette impacts, and insufficient infrastructure to support transportation substitutes. We estimate lost economic output resulting from a 15-day closure of shipping to be $45.8 billion. An Independent Risk Analysis led by Michigan Technological University estimated economic impacts of a worst-case oil spill to the shipping sector at only $42 million. However, this estimate was based on daily operational costs for the ships only, rather than the impacts to the broader value chain. The report acknowledges that a stoppage of five days will likely result in bottleneck delays in vessels along the Straits as well as at the Soo Locks, but these costs are not considered. Our estimates are significantly greater due to the consideration of the costs of bottleneck delays, lost business revenue, secondary economic impacts, and the associated effects on steel mills, automobile manufacturing facilities, and related sectors.

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Lest the many perfectionists out there correct me, I've heard that in some European casinos instead of losing half, the player can choose an "imprisonment" option, where the outcome is based on the next spin, with the player getting only a push on a win. However, most places don't bother with that and just pay the player half, which is the better option anyway when given the choice. The following table shows the house edge by the rules. Note the low house edge of 1.35% under French roulette, which is as good as it gets with roulette. Let me enlightenyou with more information on the idea that the past history of outcomes is of any help. The casino may even have graphics helping to aid you in believing this myth by showing you the last series of numbers or which are the hot and cold ones over the last 300 spins. This will not help you at all. Every spin is independent of the past. Even if the last 100 spins were red, the chance the next one will be black is the same as it will be another red. Nothing is ever overdue in roulette. In most cases, it doesn't matter what you bet on in roulette.

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